Cole Savage

Cole Savage was born on February 9th at 9:55am.  He was 7lbs and 19.5 inches.  Aside from that he appears (knock on wood) to be blessed with a quiet and mellow temperament. That's all we know for sure.  Psychic Friends Network however adds that Cole will probably have hair and may graduate from high school around 2020.  Regardless, we're lucky to have him.

Year One

20 minutes into life... and wondering if he got a bad deal

The resemblence is clear... as is the keen fashion sense

Two sleepy Savages

Tami says, "The second day is much better :-)"

Eyeing the food source

Its not so bad being a food source

Two days old and counting... a lifetime to go

Back from the hospital (carrying case sold separately)


Mostly, I sleep...

... and sleep...

and sleep (I can sleep through almost anything)

Got milk?

Saint Cole and the Blessed Mother

Trippy... I have hands!

What have you done with my real parents?

Hangin' with Aunt Ruth

Father and son agree that UW outfit is pretty ugly

Ed Lazowska fundraising at every opportunity

It doesn't get much better than this (kids have the best toys)

In his element...

Yes? Can I help you?

No one's recording this right?

I learned to smile today...

I do it alot now

The smug arrogance of youth.

Inter-species communication

How babies do it in SoCal...

Mom and Cole after a long day.

This is outrageous! Are all grownups scoundrels?

Gentleman's Quaterley shot

Walker's rule.

The prince awaits his meal...



I'm too sexy for my shirt

Using my Jedi mind powers I will levitate that rattle to me

Living in the lap of luxury

Trying to get into the Guiness book at an early age

Male bonding

I don't know what I'm doing here -- no one tells me anything.

Go away, you're embarassing me

Glutton for an audience

Its a magic ball, don't you know?

Bambi eyes

Musicality comes naturally

I scream, my grandma screams, we all scream for ice cream

Guess what I have that you don't have?

I am not one to be trifled with...

blase tales of an old conquest

Quick! To the lab! This could change everything...

Determination... motion.

I learned to cruise, walk and crawl this week:-) [9 mos]

Crawling is much better than being a lump

I will get you, my furry, fluffy friend. You can only keep away for so long...

By marking its territory with saliva the human child is able to distinguish friend from foe.

How about we trade? Mine tastes like Cheerios.

Look, I have two teeth!

In a sweet mood

I stand alone...

They'll never catch us little buddy

ah so this is what you hu-mans call birth-day. I like it.


Year Two

When you've been around as long as I have, there's very little you don't know.

Hmmm, why do they put these darn caps on the bubbles?

The paparazzi again?

If you you're willing to pay closing, I'll write you a check now.

I am cute -- resistance is futile.

These "Wiggles" people are really onto something...


My my brains and your height, nothing will stop us.

Even the greatest mad scientists need a nap from time to time.

You've heard of tree huggers? Welcome to the next level.

I kiss grandma too.

and mama.

and grandma again (anyone but daddy actually)

Baby Einstein indeed...

Wearing the Alma Mater

Pouty lips: the secret of my sucess

Charicature of a smile



Just chillin' w/mom

You say this is your truck? I've got a black belt that says it isnt...

A new what is coming?? I'm skeptical... are you sure you followed the instructions?

(three tests later) Shock.

I'm going to swallow this and then we'll never talk about it again. Ok?

I explain to Uncle Geoff the proper care and feeding of doggies.

Cover of the December issue of "Floor Living" magazine.

But the little kitty bed fit just right.

Do you think some of those presents might be for me?

The big score from Christmas... courtesy of mommy, daddy, both sets of grandparents and credit guarantess from the International Montary Fund.

Christmas aftermath

Still have some growing to do.

Who needs presents, packing peanuts are more fun!

or I could build a fort...

The latest: organic furniture

After saying "I want to go in it" for 9 months, my mommy finally gets the hint and asks neighbor Gary to give me a ride in his Jeep.

Fools, all of them! None of them suspect the true purpose of my nefarious plan...

I'm one seventeeth as old as my daddy. Pretty close.

I'm unclear on the principal here. Its my birthday, so why are you eating my cake?

Hubble Space Telescope reveals "Center of the Known Universe"


Year Three (in progress)

Blast that bubble ray! Somehow I must get past her defenses.

Scientists report that cute smiles are major contributor to global warming.

Yes, I actually sleep this way

Helping daddy get baby Kaia's room ready.

I don't think you really need these screws...

No, you feeble old man, its just like Lego's. This piece goes into that piece. Oh, just let me do it...

Cool kids go up the slide.

I am too funny.

Future soccer champ.

I found this in a neighbors driveway and named it "The Bommit" (don't ask)

See... you hit the ball and it swings away.

Then it swings back... (1/10 of a second from now I learn to appreciate the 3rd law)

Meeting the new baby for the first time.

Kaia's pretty cool I guess, she got me this new train...

Diplomancy in its purest form.

Daddy says that by the time I go to college, one minute of a bad lecture will cost $10, so I've decided to take up a trade: lawn mowing.

Say what you want about Kaia, I'm still adorable.

Hide and seek.